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Motion Add On Instructions for Rockwell PLC's available from Mitsubishi Custom Solutions Center

The initial release of AOI function blocks for Rockwell PLC's from Mitsubishi Custom Solution Center is available for download. The tools allow basic motion control of Mitsubishi J3 series servo drive using EtherNet/IP to communicate to a Q170 Motion CPU and MR-MQ100. Several functions such as positioning, jogging, homing, registration, and torque control are available.

Click on this link to download AOI zip file

Motion Control Express provides the products and services listed below to the industrial automation market. We are a project based engineering firm focused on increasing the efficiency, throughput, and quality of manufacturing plants. Our approach centers on excellence in Project Management and precision code development that conforms to emerging world-wide automation standards. Our proprietary process and rigorous documentation standards ensure success after commissioning.

  • Control System Integration & Upgrades
  • Factory Authorized Motion Control, Robotic, PLC, & HMI Programming
  • Production Metrics - Make Machinery responsible for reporting utilization & downtime
  • Machine Optimization - Get the best ROI from your Equipment
  • Custom Automated Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery Control Solutions
  • Industrial Robots
  • On-Site Troubleshooting & Emergency Callout
  • Startup Assistance
  • Technical Training
  • Electrical Panel Build
  • Barcode Verification Systems
  • Automatic Label Dispensers

Our Nashville TN based staff has completed applications that have increased the efficiency of numerous industrial facilities and OEM machines. Successful applications have impacted the bottom line in the high speed packaging, tire & rubber, general automation, snack food, primary metals, automotive, textile, medical, plastics, and chemical industries.

When your project requires a system integrator with a high level of application experience involving motion control, PLC, Robotics, or HMI systems, Motion Control Express can make a positive impact on your project schedule, budget, and manufacturing throughput. Our engineering staff is trained and equipped to provide solutions that optimize production, capture valuable operating metrics, or simply return your machine to its only purpose: generating revenue for your company.

Our goal is to
Integrate Precision Technology with Excellence.



Motion Control Express recently completed an International Environmental Project Featured in Design News Magazine!

The complex and innovative system is operating on the island nation of Aruba and turns household garbage into a useful, non-pathogen biomass material called Fluff. The end result is a 90% reduction in landfill space along with recycling magnetic and non-magnetic metals. The facility processes 1/2 of the waste stream produced daily in Aruba. Fluff has many uses such as improving poor soil, power generation fuel, and building products such as park benches and roadside curbs.

Click on this link to view the Design News article

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